CloneApp Rules

CloneApp uses Plug-ins to add support for programs it will back up in Windows.

CloneApp is based on an INI Engine to determine which Applications and Windows configuration files to Backup and/or Restore and how to do that. INI files are simple text files with plain text, so you can edit them with Notepad. CloneApp brings by default already pre-configured Plug-ins for dozen popular Applications. To extend CloneApp’s functionality you can create your own Plug-ins.

This is the core of the Firefox plugin, for instance.

Title=Mozilla Firefox
Version=Compatible with all Versions
Description=Backup complete Mozilla Firefox Profile in AppData directory.


This will back up the profile folder as specified, and it can be customized with more folders, Registry keys, even optionally run custom commands as required.

E.g. Plug-in to back up the Firefox Favorites

Title=Mozilla Firefox (Bookmarks only)
Version=Compatible with all Versions
Description=Backup Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks.


It’s a simple idea.

Everything you need to know about Plug-ins can be read in the CloneApp documentation.

CloneApp is a free and portable program for Microsoft Windows devices to back up preferences, settings and other data of supported applications. CloneApp is highly customizable and can a be extended via "plug-ins", plain text files which define exactly which files, folders and Registry keys the program should preserve.

It requires Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


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