Mirinsoft is getting updated Featured

The home of CloneApp is beeing updated.

It is not quite finished yet but I have already put it online.

The last update is already a bit behind. Mirinsoft was launched on 10/2010 and I've started with CloneApp in May 2015.
Since then, CloneApp has received a lot of attention (over 1 Million Installations world wide) and that gave me the reason to refresh the website.

I will not migrate the old community (including the forum). It is still online and you will find it here
CloneApp is now reachable under Mirinsoft.com and also under the new domain www.cloneapp.de

Getting a new Website involves a lot of work. I really hope you like and enjoy the new "Look and feel".

If there is anything missing or you have any comments ... ? So, please feel free to leave a comment (registration needed) or send me your comments to infoatcloneapp.de.


I'm the Developer of CloneApp and the operator of Mirinsoft.

Website: www.mirinsoft.com
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