Reclaim privacy on Windows 10 with Debotnet

Debotnet is a free and portable tool for controlling Windows 10's many privacy-related settings and keep your personal data private.

Maintain privacy

Disable telemetry and online features, which send your data (sensitive and not) to Microsoft

Debloat & Install

Uninstall Windows 10’s Built-in Apps after clean installation and install your favorite apps again with integrated support of Ninite service 

Transparent actions

Debotnet will show you what it's doing. You have full control, because the executing code can be viewed in a simple text editor and is hosted on GitHub

Scripting engine

Simple scripting engine for adding custom privacy rules. E.g. an Test mode lets you see which values are twisted in registry, commands executed, services stopped etc.

Get Windows 10 ISO files

Integrated scripts for downloading Windows 10 retail ISO files with Media Creation Tool and command line switches, MCT Wrapper or PowerShell script

Well designed

Modern and familiar UI, with theme support

Free and Portable

Small footprint. No installation required and 100% Free Software also for commercial purposes

Be surprised

Every update brings new features and scripts to discover. Don't forget to try also the Nightly builds

The All in One tool to improve your privacy

These can be little things. E.g. Disable CCleaner Monitoring or Acrobat Reader online services or just download Winapp2.ini to enhance CCleaner.

Vital statistics


CloneApp Rules

CloneApp uses Plug-ins to add support for programs it will back up in Windows.

CloneApp is based on an INI Engine to determine which Applications and Windows configuration files to back up and restore and how to do that.

INI files are simple and small text files with plain text (you can edit them with Notepad) that instruct CloneApp to back up certain items from your hard disk. CloneApp comes with many of these pre-installed, but you can write these yourself to augment the backup capability of CloneApp without programming. The plug-in you write makes it possible to support programs that are not included with CloneApp (yet).

This is the core of the Firefox plugin, for instance.

Title=Mozilla Firefox
Version=Compatible with all Versions
Description=Backup complete Mozilla Firefox Profile in AppData directory.


This will back up the profile folder as specified, and it can be customized with more folders, Registry keys, even optionally run custom commands as required.

E.g. Plug-in to back up the Firefox Favorites

Title=Mozilla Firefox (Bookmarks only)
Version=Compatible with all Versions
Description=Backup Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks.


It’s a simple idea.

Everything you need to know about Plug-ins can be read in the CloneApp documentation.