💩⭐️🚀Lock down Windows 10, block telemetry and automate with PowerShell in a #App GUI

A #app with cutting edge technology to #minimize windows-10 telemetry and #maximize privacy plus many more

Maintain privacy

Block telemetry and online features, which send your data (sensitive and not) to Microsoft

Remove preinstalled and sponsored apps

Uninstall Windows 10’s Built-in Apps after clean installation and install your favorite apps again with built-in support for Windows Package Manager

Community powered

Features community powered and trending script files for your privacy, windows, apps and automation

PowerShell scripting

Integrated PowerShell scripting engine for adding custom automation tasks

Well designed

Simple to use modern and familiar UI

Free and Portable

Small footprint. No installation required and 100% Free Software also for commercial purposes

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PimpApp becomes SharpApp! ✨🌳

I started a name search for my new app PimpApp <> originated from pimp up -  two days ago. PimpApp (that's the original name) was not under a good start from the beginning.

The enormous (negative but there was also some positive) resonance made me start a survey and ask how well the name works. First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating.

Even some blogs (@betanews @ghacks @deskmodder) have reported about the first alpha/current beta version and the unfavourable choice of name.

Your feedback has reached me :) I've decided to change the name. PimpApp loses and becomes #SharpApp! (#App)

A name change is not always without problems. This is also the first time I've ever done this ;)

I will initiate the renaming of the @GitHub repository in a few minutes. The version number of this beta has now increased to 0.20 and it brings next to the new name several improvements regarding the scripting templates.

So, here we go again, Hurrah SharpApp!

Sexy Polling: there is nothing to show!



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