Microsoft Disk Clean-up (Cleanmgr) is Going Away in Windows 10. Try Cleanmgr+

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Cleanmgr+ - Localizations (Data sets)
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Here you will find translations for the Cleanmgr+ Disk Cleanup Data set. These files were contributed by the Community.

How-to Translate

  1. Navigate to \bin\ directory of Cleanmgr+.
  2. Open the windata.ini and translate it to your native language.
  3. Send me the translated file or upload it to the Community.
Last Update: 18.03.2019
Downloads: 2,989
Size: 3.97 KB

Recently Downloaded

1. Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.2492019-03-20 13:38:54
2. Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.2492019-03-20 13:37:14
3. Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.2492019-03-20 13:37:08
4. Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.2492019-03-20 13:37:05
5. Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.2492019-03-20 13:35:23

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