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Blake Sinnett
06 December 2018, 00:59


First of all, this app is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, it isn't too accessible with my screen reader. When tabbing through the window, my screen reader says unknown for most of the controls. Only the list works as expected. I can press space on apps and the correct selection state is reported.

If you want to try, download NVDA from

Do you think there's anything that could be done to fix this issue? I would greatly appreciate it if it could be looked into.

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Belim (Admin)
10 December 2018, 15:26

Hello Blake,

thank you very much for your comment.
I'll take some time soon and take a closer look.

Kind regards from Germany

05 December 2018, 12:41

Great Software! Thank you very much for the hard work.
Donation follows.

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05 December 2018, 10:02

Polish lng file

CloneApp | Page 4 | Programy Za Darmo
CloneApp 2.03.200 Several Stability and UI improvements Several Plug-ins optimizations New Projects website www.myClone.App...
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Belim (Admin)
05 December 2018, 12:32

Hello Czesio,

thank you very much for your work.
I've added it to the Download Center as external Mirror.

05 December 2018, 06:27

Hi, the latest version 2.07.317 will not launch on my pc, as a normal user or as admin, tried all the suggestions in FAQ, but with no use. The older version 1.20.812 starts but then crashes immediately (but at least it launches).
Any hint what can be the problem? I see I'm not the only one with this issue here...
thanks in advance

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Belim (Admin)
11 December 2018, 15:01


please try this beta release of v2.08 and tell me if it works.


Belim (Admin)
11 December 2018, 12:11

Hi Leo,

several features are disabled in this beta. We will have now to localise the error by enabling the features again step by step. I will publish later another beta. Please keep me updated.

At the moment I think this is pretty strange.


11 December 2018, 11:09

Wow! Thanks so much Belim! This other beta worked just fine! You have been so kind and helpful, really appreciated it!
thanks again!

Belim (Admin)
10 December 2018, 15:19

Hello Leo,

I've tested the application on countless Windows Workstations (XP - Win 10), Notebooks, Tablets, NUCs and Servers (Server 2008 - 2016) and have never once been able to observe such a problem.

I will try again to locate and troubleshoot the problem.

Please try this new beta.
- -

I have turned off some feature packs (here OS, Architecture detection, Check IsUserAnAdministrator functions, Partial Update check, Localization support and some custom UI and Icon functions), which were not available in Version 1.xx the way, they're yet implemented.


01 December 2018, 17:47

Localization: Russian localization
Translator: Anemon
Version: Latest

Download this file or update your browser
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Belim (Admin)
05 December 2018, 12:34

Hello Anton,

many thanks for the great work.
I've added it to the Download Center.

Regards from Germany

29 November 2018, 06:53

I've been looking for such an app for a long time. SurprisedHappy

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29 November 2018, 00:55

I wish the next release of cloneapp can first detect the system installed application/ software and select it by default during the runtime.

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28 November 2018, 16:20

Title=Google Chrome Policies
Description=These Chrome Policies set default some of which can be overriden and some can't for all users.


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Eva Alev
20 November 2018, 22:31

I cant execute Cloneapp not even as administrator on Windows Home Vista.
thank you

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16 November 2018, 20:30

Here is an archive of

Mirinsoft - Home
Mirinsoft - Home of CloneApp
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