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    19 March 2019, 13:37

    Hi, Belim.

    In the release notes for v1.0.3.249, you mention: 

    "Added function to calculate the "space to gain" in "+more/Scripts" tab (this is optional and the space is automatically calculated after hitting the "+more" tab)"

    I don't see how to enable this optional function.  I would like to test it.


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    Belim (Admin)
    19 March 2019, 14:39

    Hello 0.MRG,

    Yes that's true :) Just switch to the +more tab and the calculation runs automatically. Of course, you must have previously pre-check some clean-up items. I would recommend using the "Check installed scripts" function in the main menu > "+"

    Cleanmgr+ will report in the status label something like "You can free up + more xxx MB of disk space by cleaning up these items" To refresh the calculation just hit the "+ more" tab again.

    I hope I have now a slightly happier user :)

    Have a good day

    16 March 2019, 14:58

    The script to give access to taking ownership of the windows.old files is not working. It runs and says access denied. As such, the directory is not removed. 

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    Belim (Admin)
    19 March 2019, 14:30

    Please try the latest Build and logon as Administrator. Thanks!

    10 March 2019, 18:09

    CloneApp spawns a reg.exe process for each registry item it backs up, along with a corresponding conhost.exe process, but it doesn't close these processes upon successful completion of the backups. I haven't tested what happens if CloneApp is run more than once in succession. System: Windows 7 SP1 x64.

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    26 April 2019, 00:58

    Were you able to reproduce the problem? You should be able to see it in Task Manager, or using tasklist in a cmd shell.

    22 March 2019, 00:48

    To answer your question: AFAICT, yes, it appears to spawn one reg.exe process for each backup job. But you can verify this yourself by running CloneApp on your own system - you should observe the same behavior.

    Belim (Admin)
    19 March 2019, 14:32

    Hi Rhodes,

    i will take a look into this. How many reg.exe processes did you observe? For each Backup job a seperate one?

    09 March 2019, 08:54

    Trojan.GenericKD.41079484 is reported from Biddefender for Cleanmgr. 

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    Belim (Admin)
    09 March 2019, 09:34

    this is a false positive. It would be a great if you could report this to Bitdefender.

    Windows Smartscreen, Google Chrome and some other antivirus engines may warn you from downloading this program. This is caused to the small user base. Sadly I can't change anything about that. Cleanmgr+ is five weeks old :)

    Many thanks.

    07 March 2019, 00:04

    Deleting Windows.old issue 

    Every time I run Cleaner+ it launches into deleting Windows.old, taking ages to remove hundreds of files again. How is this possible? Does it mean that the files are not being deleted at all, despite being reported as deleted What is going on?

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    Belim (Admin)
    09 March 2019, 09:39


    Cleanmgr+ shows a command prompt to trace the progress. You are right. This takes sometimes a while and more. So, the files are being reported as deleted? The Windows.old directory does not count fewer files? Have you tried deleting it with classic Cleanmgr.exe (from Microsoft) ? If this is completed successfully, i will have to take further look. Please let me know.


    Van Holton
    06 March 2019, 22:15

    I need to backup all my Office 2016 settings (which I have done) and restore to Office 2019.  Especially the Word AutoText and AutoCorrect settings. Cloneapp does not seem to do this.  Can anyone help?

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    ammar mufti
    06 March 2019, 09:16

    Hello All,

    I am having trouble transferring the settings of the Excel settings and macro i have created on my computer. everythig goes smooth and it tells me that the transfer was succesful but the excel doesnt change anything

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    27 February 2019, 19:34

    Hello Belim,

    Take a look to my PDF to know what I mean !

    Best regards

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    Belim (Admin)
    09 March 2019, 10:06

    Hi Greenwild,

    many thanks for the Info.
    I will take a close look and get back to you!

    Best regards from Germany

    24 February 2019, 20:36

    Hi Belim,

    I want to say that you do a great job with your
    softwares and if you are interested I have updated the french
    localization for the latest version of CloneApp.
    the string "mnuLocalizationImport=" in Hamburger menu didn't work with
    any localization (German locale too) but only in english so is it
    possible to correct this bug !
    Is it possible too in a next release to support Unicode UTF-8 for some french lettering and other locales !

    Thank you !

    French localization update
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    Belim (Admin)
    26 February 2019, 12:13

    Hello Greenwild,

    thank you very much for your kind words and support :)
    I've updated and replaced the old localization file with your version.
    Here is the link

    I've tested the String "mnuLocalizationImport=" and it does function.
    But there is also a second "mnuLocalizationRemove" String for removing the localization file, if its already imported. Did you mean this one?

    Unfortunately, i can't bring unicode support currently. This would mean extensive modifications of some used controlls and i dont' have the resources for it.

    Best regards,

    24 February 2019, 16:43

    Hi, Belim.

    Thank you for helping me to realize that Gain amount was a link to click.  I had not noticed that.

    I do think it would be better if the amount of storage space for each item was listed next to the item.  For example:

    [ ]  Windows Update Cleanup (1.13 GB)
    [ ] Temporary Internet Files (111.3 MB)
    [ ] Thumbnails (342.1 MB)

    Or maybe it is best to list the number of files too:

    [ ]  Windows Update Cleanup (653 files, 1.13 GB)
    [ ] Temporary Internet Files (191 files, 111.3 MB)
    [ ] Thumbnails (40 files, 342.1 MB)

    The Preview window works okay, but I don't think it as easy for the user because you do have to look for each item in the Preview or go back to the left side (listing with checkboxes) and check the items you decide to "cleanup".  This is an inconvenience for me because I usually use the storage amount estimate to aid in deciding what I am going to cleanup.  It doesn't really matter if I am going to clean certain items without concern for the storage space amount that will be gained.  I hope that makes sense.

    Currently, there are missing items in the Preview.  Notice in my screenshot that Previous Windows Installation(s), DNS Cache, Print Queue, and other items are not listed in the Preview window.  Everything on the left side (with checkboxes) should be listed in the Preview.  If you cannot calculate the amount of storage space to be freed/gained, then you should say "Preview was skipped for performance reasons" or something.

    Another problem with this current implementation is the Preview does not show any "Gain" estimate for "+ more" items (Google Chrome Cache, Microsoft Edge Cache, etc.)  It would be good to know how much storage space these items are using and one might then decide to go ahead and "cleanup" some of these.

    Thank you very much for all of your work and time on Cleanmgr+.  Please do not let my constructive criticism discourage you.  I simply want Cleanmgr+ to be the best for me and everyone else and I want to use it.  I will gladly donate some money as well, especially once the program is a bit more polished.

    Have a great remaining weekend.

    Sincere blessings,

    Cleanmgr+ example showing missing items in Preview
    Notice that Previous Windows Installation(s), DNS Cache, Print Queue, and other items are not listed in the Preview window.
    Cleanmgr+ example showing More items missing from Preview
    Notice that "+ more" items are not listed in the Preview window. No "Gain" estimate is given for these.
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    Belim (Admin)
    26 February 2019, 11:50

    Hello again,

    I'll be glad to recieve also criticism, because that makes my work exciting and interesting again and again :) I can't put the "space to gain" next the individual Item sets in the "Disk Cleanup" list, because they will not fit into it. The entries are already too long and I had to cut back some of them, i.e. "System Archived Windows Err... (Error Reporting)"
    Maybe I'll look at the problem with the next versions again. This is a question of usability, UX and the UI in general. Where should I focus now. I found the current solution the right compromise. I improved the "space to gain" function a little bit with the last build 161 and introduced tabs in the listings

    [ ] Windows Update Cleanup | 10 files (1.13 GB)

    Your second request regarding not showing the space we'll "gain" for the items in the "+more" tab has again something to do with usibility. The calculation process of each item would significantly slow down the startup process of Cleanmgr+. These are individual Items, every advanced user can work with. It's simlar to the advanced cleanup rules provided by the winapp2.ini for "Crap" Cleaner. These brought it to its knees, when starting and anlyzing. First and foremost I just wanted a simple and lightweight Disk Cleanup replica.
    I have to look at the future versions, how I handle this and how much I'm still working on this function. This shows everything with the time and how the application arrives at the mass.

    I hope you are still using Cleanmgr+ and can recommend it.

    Best wishes from Germany

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