Microsoft Disk Clean-up (Cleanmgr) is Going Away in Windows 10. Try Cleanmgr+

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    10 February 2019, 15:55

    A few days ago I saw a post about Cleanmgr+ 0.4.0 and I have been checking out the releases since.  I have seen improvements.  Thank you, Belim!

    There is one BIG missing feature/aspect to me compared to Microsoft Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr) and that is the lack of an estimate of the storage space that each item (that could be cleaned) is using and, therefore, the storage space that would be freed up if an item was selected and cleaned.

    When I use Microsoft Disk Cleanup, I look at #1 how much storage space each item is using and #2 what each item is to decide on which items I am going to select and have cleaned.  See the example picture below.

    With Cleanmgr+ currently, I have no idea how much storage space each item is currently using and which ones I really want to focus on.  I need and want that information to decide which items I want to clean, or at least which ones are more important to me.

    Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr) example
    Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr) example showing the storage space being used by the available options to select.
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    Belim (Admin)
    10 February 2019, 20:01


    many thanks for your comment. I'm working on several improvements and features. This one is also on my to-do list. I can not say yet, if I manage to build the function already in the final version. Just look at the upcoming versions :)

    Regards form Germany

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    Cleanmgr+ is a portable app that builds upon the Microsoft Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) by adding additional features and deleting more junk than the Disk Clean-up Tool.

    It requires Windows 10, 8.1, 8, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


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