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    Robert Puyear
    14 December 2018, 17:05

    I just registered with some difficulty because I got the warning this website is not secure. I'm using Firefox along with Bitdefender Total Security.

    I just learned of the existence CloneApp. Is there any way also include programs that are not currently covered by the range of plug-ins that are already with the CloneApp? This is a very impressive program!

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    Belim (Admin)
    15 December 2018, 14:57

    Hello Robert,

    the domain has a certificate implemented by a SSL Provider. My two other domains and are currently not digitally signed. I can assure you, that all my sites are safe and clean (

    For your second question, I can refer to the extensive Documentation of CloneApp. The Application is based on an INI-Engine and highly customizable. You can add support for every program you want. Please follow the following link


    Kind regards from Germany

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