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Shawn Kaczmarek
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Shawn Kaczmarek
15 January 2019, 18:22

I am a software developer with a complex SOHO environment.
I have three workstations and an HP server (rack) for testing and development.
I have around 16 Host OS SSDs - and 3 core images that I use for development,
besides numerous server images.

Your application is perfect in concept, but runs into problems because my
EXE files are on drives C, D, E - and my data drives are F: and beyond.

I wanted to put Cloneapp 'data files' on my F: Drive, so the backups, logs
and profiles are on in one place, and my 12 user accounts (both admin
and regular user) - per OS instance (Host OS) - can have separate AppData
spaces - and a joint 'shared' data space.

I just tested your app (latest version - 2019.01.15) - and it had some issues
with Cloneapp settings - being in different directory locations (both drive
letter and path). I read the PDF user manual - and am pretty sure I'm finding

Do registered users, with accounts, have a way to debug beta releases, report
bugs and feature failures - and get timely response and 'tester release' EXEs?

Nobody has a product like yours that I know of (I've been using Snapfiles since
it first came online - and have tons of useful utilities).

I have AOMEI, DIskGenuis, MiniTool, Macrorit and other disk apps, including
QNAP NAS and backup stuff.

But all of them together do not equal the potential in your app (for my
software development specific set of use cases).

Is there a beta release process in your dev ops?


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