SharpApp now equal to the old app Debotnet💥🔋☕

I'm pleased to announce the release 0.40 (Helios) of SharpApp

SharpApp gets in this release the keyfeature of Debotnet for running individual policies/scripts.

Next to this, SharpApp also introduces a new Modern Policy Editor (equivalent to Local Group Policy Editor) based upon Powershell objects (scripts/templates). 

In Debotnet we only called them scripts. In SharpApp they are now called policies, which are based upon Powershell scripts.

All policies are categorized (like in Debotnet) and divided into 8 categories (Cortana, Defender, Edge, Privacy, Security, Templates, Updates, Windows). This is much more manageable than in Debotnet.

There is also a ninth category, named Applied which shows all policies applied with SharpApp. Behind this category are log files, which can be viewed at any time to track system changes made with SharpApp.

Furthermore this release gets the majority of the individual script files from Debotnet, e.g. to Disable Windows Tips, Disable Windows Hello Biometrics, Disable Compatibility Telemetry, Disable Windows Defender etc.

In summary it can be said that, SharpApp is now the full equivalent to the old app Debotnet, and trumps it with a wealth of additional features.

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