PimpApp! Yes or No for changing the appname? 💩🚀

[UPDATE 23/April] PimpApp becomes SharpApp! 

I've pushed the first public beta yesterday to GitHub and the resonance by mail is enormous.

Strangely enough the content of the emails was mainly about the application name. Many "celebrate" the name and love it but others beg me to change it.

Maybe you know the Simpsons episode "Homer to the Max" It's roughly the same here :D ;)

Even @Betanews doesn't like the name. The german @Deskmodder community seems to like it.

Since this application benefits from the community, the community should also participate in the decision making process. And the decision must be made ..., before I can focus on the upcoming stable release.

Voting results

You will find more information about "PimpApp" here

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