Introducing Debotnet Packs 📦

Debotnet can be extended in several ways.

I would like to present this in more detail, using the latest package for Debotnet for Installing Chocolatey Software.

Debotnet is very simple in its concept because it's scripting engine is based on command line and PowerShell commands. This makes Debotnet very flexible and customizable.

You can extend Debotnet with individual scripts, complete script packages and also theme files. Debotnet ships per default already a Ninite Apps option to download and install popular applications using Ninite.

I have now also added optional support for the competition - Chocolatey Software - which can be integrated into Debotnet with a package (the download link is at the end of the article). Chocolatey has a massive community package repository of installs (more than 4,000 packages), and its open nature allows everyone to contribute more as needed.

The Chocolatey "choco" packages can be installed and also uninstalled via Debotnet code. 

To install a choco package use following code. 

Task1=Start(),choco install debotnet -yes

The execution is done by hitting Run script. In this case the package will be silently downloaded and installed.

To uninstall a choco package run following code.

Task1=Start(),choco uninstall debotnet -yes -force

The execution is done by hitting Undo script. In this case the package will be removed from Chocolatey and your system.

Now it's up to you to simplify installing 3rd-party software with Chocolatey and Debotnet when rebuilding Windows.


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