Major release of Debotnet 0.7 (Pegasos) out 🦄

I'm pleased to announce release 0.7 of Debotnet.

This is a more extensive update, which adds numerous new script files and a revised GUI.

The default theme has been changed to the new Pegasos UI (Codename of this release). Of course you can always return to the old look of version 0.6 by enabling the theme Debotnet Plinius.

Pegasos UI (Defaul theme)

Retro theme 

Here is a brief excerpt of the new script files added to this release

> Added script to gaming > Disable Razer Game Scanner service
> Added script to gaming > Disable Logitech Gaming service
> Added script to third-party > Disable Dropbox Update service
> Added script to third-party > Disable Google update service
> Added script to third-party > Disable Microsoft Office telemetry
> Added script to third-party > Disable Media Player telemetry
> Added script to third-party > Disable Visual Studio telemetry
> Added script to third-party > Disable Microsoft Windows Live ID service
> Added script to bloatware > Microsoft Advertising
> Added script to bloatware > Network Speed Test
> Added script to bloatware > Contact Support
> Added script to bloatware > Settings
> Added script to bloatware > Hello Setup UI
> Added script to bloatware > App Resolver UX
> Added script to bloatware > File Explorer
> Added script to bloatware > Shazam
> Added script to bloatware > Flipboard
> Added script to bloatware > Eclipse Manager
> Added script to bloatware > Code Writer
> Added script to bloatware > Store Purchase App
> Added script to bloatware > Zune
> Added script to privacy > Disable User Data Synchronization

This release adds also a new Pimp apps category, which will be boosted in upcoming versions. It allows you to pimp (tune-up) 3rd party apps with external resources, e.g. CCleaner with community based Winapp2.ini

The complete release notes can bew viewed here.

If you encounter messages from your AV (Bitdefender, GData, Emisoft) flagging Debotnet.exe as Virus/Trojan, please note that all these are FALSE POSITIVES. Bitdefender share their definitions with other AV vendors (such as Emisoft, GData etc.) and all are reporting the same results. Bitdefender updated their engine and since three weeks I can not control these false positives, except reporting them to their Labs. Usually the detection is removed up to 72 hours. 

Debotnet requires Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Read more about this release here


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