Improvements in Debotnet (Plinius) release 0.6

I'm pleased to announce release 0.6.x (latest release is 0.6.1) of Debotnet.

I would like to introduce you in this post some of the features added to this release and how to use them.

Initial release of the first public beta of Debotnet was on 23 December 2019. Since then it has been downloaded over 100k times. You can get more answers to some frequently asked questions also in the Debotnet @wiki @FAQ.

Release 0.5.0 of Debotnet brought massive improvements with a completely redesigned GUI. Recently I read the review of of this release, which can be found here. Really appreciated, many thanks for this!

Last week, version 0.6.0 has been released and it brings over 20 new privacy scripts. If you run all these scripts once, then you will cover completely all privacy options available under Windows 10 Settings > Privacy.

> Disable app access to account info
> Disable app access to calendar
> Disable app access to call history
> Disable app access to call
> Disable app access to contacts
> Disable app access to diagnostic information
> Disable app access to documents
> Disable app access to email
> Disable app access to file system
> Disable app access to location
> Disable app access to messaging
> Disable app access to microphone
> Disable app access to motion
> Disable app access to notifications
> Disable app access to other devices
> Disable app access to pictures
> Disable app access to radios
> Disable app access to tasks
> Disable app access to videos
> Disable app access to webcam
> Disable apps from running in background
> Disable tracking of app starts
> Open privacy settings

Debotnet should be run in the most cases as Administrator. This is necessary so that registry hacks can be written under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE and of course any services stopped, deleted etc.

Version 0.6.0 allows you to start Debotnet always with elevated rights. Just goto Settings > check Run always as administrator.

New Versions of Debotnet do not always bring new scripts at the same time. Scripts are constantly maintained and new scripts are added on GitHub. You can update the most scripts through the Debotnet update function (Debotnet > Update). This should be done once a month or if a script does not function, you can of course check if a newer version is available. This depends on the changes that Microsoft updates brings. E.g. a registry hack can work wonderfully today and after a Windows update tomorrow it may not work anymore, because the registry key has changed or does not even exists anymore. I have no influence on that.

If you want to grab new script files for Debotnet, I would recommend you to check sometimes the scripts showcase on GitHub. To download and import a script file, just goto Import > Import from Git

or check out this how-to

The latest release 0.6.1 of Debotnet adds a new ISO downloader category, which allows you to download Windows 10 ISO files using Microsoft Media Creation Tool with command line switches, through MediaCreationTool.bat Wrapper and also with PowerShell script (support all versions 1607-1909).

In release 0.6.2 also an Nightly build channel has been introduced. Debotnet will check here for pre-release versions (about-to-be-released features and scripts) if you use the Check for updates function.

How-to switch to Nightly build channel

Debotnet requires Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


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